A Twisted Heart

Author: Alexander Vogel


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Love is a beautiful thing, is it not? A young man by the name of Thomas Anders remains on the fence about that. A man who works a steady job, yet still finds time for his morning coffees and daily errands. All until the day that would change his life forever. It would be a morning that would live in his head for years to come, without a chance of perishing. With advice given to him by his best friend, Xavier, Thomas finally speaks to who he believes to be the love of his life. The way she makes him feel is simply astounding. He had never felt so strongly about anyone before, yet for some reason, he was afraid. There is something special about this girl, however, it very well could be the one who breaks his heart.

I am Alexander Vogel. I'm from Easley, South Carolina. Writing has always been a pleasure for me. Even in Elementary School, I would always write short stories or little dramas just to pass the time, were I to have any time to spare. It wasn't until about Senior year in High School that I started to take my writing seriously. I started a rough draft for my book called One Brave Soul, and my love for writing grew even more. One Brave Soul is a piece that inspired me to write something even better than it. Being the maker of my own universe is a joy that is unmatched by anything. I write to express the creativity that lingers in my mind, and it has always been fun for me. While A Twisted Heart may be my first book, it is definitely far from the last one.

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What! A! Book!

Title: "A Twisted Heart" by Alexander Vogel "A Twisted Heart" by Alexander Vogel is a mesmerizing psychological thriller that delves deep into the dark recesses of the human psyche. From its gripping opening pages to its shocking conclusion, Vogel keeps readers on the edge of their seats with a narrative that is as unsettling as it is compelling. The story follows Emma, a young woman haunted by a tragic past and tormented by disturbing visions that blur the line between reality and nightmare. As she struggles to unravel the mysteries of her own mind, Emma finds herself drawn into a web of secrets and lies that threaten to consume her. Vogel's writing is taut and atmospheric, creating a sense of unease that lingers long after the last page is turned. With each twist and turn, he masterfully ratchets up the tension, keeping readers guessing until the very end. What sets "A Twisted Heart" apart is its complex characters and morally ambiguous world. As Emma delves deeper into the darkness that surrounds her, she is forced to confront uncomfortable truths about herself and those she loves. Vogel deftly explores themes of guilt, redemption, and the nature of evil, challenging readers to question their own perceptions of right and wrong. The pacing of the novel is relentless, with each chapter driving the story forward with relentless momentum. From pulse-pounding action sequences to quiet moments of introspection, Vogel expertly balances moments of high drama with quiet moments of reflection, creating a narrative that is as emotionally resonant as it is thrilling. In the end, "A Twisted Heart" is a tour de force of suspense and psychological insight. With its complex characters, twisty plot, and atmospheric prose, Alexander Vogel's novel is sure to leave readers breathless and eager for more.

by Meadow

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Pages: 86 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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