Learn Greek with Kyria Christina

Author: Christina Chronas Siounis


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Immerse yourself in Greek with Kyria Christina!

Inspired and designed to capture your attention and take you through an

exciting journey of learning the beautiful Greek language in a fun way. It

doesn’t matter if you don’t know a word of Greek, slightly speak it, or just want

to learn a new language. Greek is one of the oldest languages in the world

and it is a true treasure to anyone who wants to learn it. Although intricate

in design, basic Greek can be learned through this simple and easy to use

guide. You will learn everything you need to have everyday conversations and

communicate with basic vocabulary. Here is a guide for the alphabet from

alpha to omega, numbers, colors, days of the week, food, greetings, and much

more that will enable you to communicate seamlessly with others. Whether

you are visiting a restaurant or an exotic Greek island, you will have the skills

and confidence to communicate.

Christina Siounis, who has been teaching for over 15 years, has witnessed all of

her students’ struggles while learning the Greek language, therefore, inspiring

her to create and share this fun and easy beginner’s guide to Greek!

Enjoy the journey! Let’s get started! Then, book a reservation or a flight, and put

your new found knowledge to the test! You will surprise yourself!

 Christina Chronas Siounis has been a teacher specializing in the

Greek language for 15 years in Greek language schools and teaching

private lessons. She strives to instill her passion and pride for the

Greek language in her students. Throughout her teaching career, Ms.

Siounis has focused on helping her struggling students using extremely

engaging and innovative techniques to enhance her students’ learning

experiences. That is the core of her inspiration that led her in writing this book.

Furthermore, Ms. Siounis wanted to facilitate an easier experience for all those

who want to learn the intricate Greek language. She is compassionate, patient,

empathetic, and extremely caring. She absolutely loves working with children.

Christine Siounis lives with her husband and five children in New York and hopes to

entice many to acquire the love of learning the beautiful Greek language.

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