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Maxi Chooses His Own Adventures

Maxi is starting a new life with his own family. His wife, Goldie, has just given birth to their son. But this does not stop him from picking up his sword again, ready to defend his kingdom, and also the neighboring kingdoms that were his friends’.

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When It Seems There Is No One to Hear You

These days, it seems that the world is spinning on its own axis at an incredibly fast rate that time flies by so fast. And so everyone is too busy in their own world, catching up with everything—juggling jobs, jobs and kids, jobs, kids, and life. It may seem that most people is at a race to make it in life that sometimes—most of the time, actually—people forget the most important aspects of living.

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Is Blood Thicker Than Water?

Cedric and Caedus, twins, were born in a world filled with action, adventure, suspense, and mystery. They were sons of the champion of the king, whose primary duty was to fight prisoners in the kings’ kingdom. The kingdom has four kings of equal standing. And they have their own champions to fight the prisoners who challenge for their freedom. Only these prisoners defeat a king’s champion would they be able to be free. And so that became a main event in the kingdom. The boys’ father was a celebrated fighter.

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It Was Going to Be an Awesome Father-Son Adventure

Peter, a ten-year-old city boy, was going on his first fishing trip with his father, a true outdoorsman. He was having a great time as his father taught him about the Peter and his father both noticed that the birds and animals were acting funny.

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Above the Arctic Circle, It Can Get Very Cold

But Arctic Circle people won’t let the cold be a bother

Yearly, as the seasons change, the long winters up in the Arctic Circle can get severely harsh. But the people from the Arctic Circle have always adapted excellently by preparing extremely well. Before the season begins, they collect food to prepare for storage. They collect berries. They hunt and fish seasonal games, which are the most important part of their diet in the wintertime.

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Once You Step Out of Your Home and See the World

Much is said about home being where the heart is, but before all that, a home is where a child learns the most basic things to get by in life. And when the child steps out of the home to see the world, the child would see and experience change.

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Something Special for Someone Special

Little Ellie Isabellie Elephant is always up for an adventure. And when her daddy told her they would be going on one, Little Ellie Isabellie Elephant couldn’t hold back her excitement. She especially loves adventures with her dad. She couldn't wait for the day to begin. As the day of adventure finally arrived, Little Ellie Isabellie Elephant’s eyes and nose were introduced to something wonderful. The colors and the smell—they were new for Little Ellie Isabellie Elephant. And they were glorious. And in that moment, a special bond was formed between Little Ellie Isabellie Elephant and her daddy. In this adventure, her daddy showed her how loved she is and how important she is to him. Her daddy gave Little Ellie Isabellie Elephant a special surprise that she would cherish all her life.

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People Who Live in Glass Houses

And these closets may contain the things you do not want seen but do not want to throw away. Much like old clothes—and deeper, darker secrets. And when the need to open the door of the closet, for something you essentially need, the hidden things rear their sometimes ugly heads and look right through you, reminding you once more of their grotesqueness.

But maybe it will do you good to let these demons roam around the glass house. Sometimes, all you need to do is look right back at it and never back down. Not even when they let out the most guttural, haunting moans.

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The Fortunes of War

Nobody ever wins in a war. Not the instigators, not the defender, certainly not the civilians. There were lives lost. There were lives that were never the same afterwards. And then there were also those that lived to tell the hell of the atrocities of the war, they lived and witnessed it inside the enemy camp. They were the prisoners of war.

Peter William Sooby was a prisoner of war. But before that, he was part of a reconnaissance unit that had a mission in Cologne, Germany. He was captured by the German Army. And in the enemy’s turf, he documented the atrocities he endured.

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Company in Misery

When life’s waves get rough, we’re not alone on the boat

 Life can throw a mean sucker punch and can hit you squarely in the face. And just like a fighter on the boxing ring, you shake it off and hit back, hard—really hard. But sometimes, all you hit is air. And sometimes, even when you’re down, life would also give you a wicked kick to the ribs.

What this means is that whenever you go through something hard, sometimes doubly hard, throwing a punch—literally—at life is not going to solve things. Fighting fire with fire could only end in more trouble. And bottling your grief inside will not help you either.

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