When It Seems There Is No One to Hear You

God always does

These days, it seems that the world is spinning on its own axis at an incredibly fast rate that time flies by so fast. And so everyone is too busy in their own world, catching up with everything—juggling jobs, jobs and kids, jobs, kids, and life. It may seem that most people is at a race to make it in life that sometimes—most of the time, actually—people forget the most important aspects of living.

Some people believe that they can make it through life through sheer grit and grind. Some bury themselves in work to escape, to forget that there is really no one there to listen to them anyway. And then tiredness creeps up. Along with burnout, depression, loneliness, even anger and losing sense of purpose.

When it seems that no one is there to talk to about things that seem to make life difficult, turn to God. Jesus, Walk with Me is a collection of poetry of the author’s musings about life and his relationship with God. It covers the author’s faith, hope, and the desire to help other people who feel alone. This book helps to show that God has plans for one’s life, but that people are too determined to live on their own terms and most of the time compare their lives with others, they take time in fulfilling their destinies. God is always there to listen, and maybe the people should press the pause button in their lives and also start listening. It is never too late to turn back to God.

This book is available online and can be purchased at www.writersrepublic.com, www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com.

About the Author

Author Donald G. Ennis has had his fair share of life’s comedies and tragedies. He has tried to live life in his own terms even though he knew that God has plans for his life. He turned to God at a later time in his life, and that’s when he started to have daily conversations with Him. At this point, even while the world around him is hurting, Donald wants to extend help and comfort by writing books about God and how, in his journey with Him, life has become hopeful.

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