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Her Adventure and Lesson of a Lifetime

From her personal experiences that brought her life-changing decisions and eye-opening crossroads, Dr. Jennifer Horton offers readers a glimpse of how she grew up, what she had done, and how those changes and choices made an impact on who she has becomes. In her book, “Lilly’s Choice”, she tells the story of a young girl who will learn about life and love through her adventures with the elephants in Thailand.

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Words of Faith and Praise in New Book

Through inspirational verses and thoughtful lines, author Donald Ennis shares his personal relationship with God in his new book “Jesus Talk to Me”. With over 200 prose and poetry, readers will experience his strong faith and connection with the Lord. The pages will allow readers to witness how the author converses with God daily, through his struggles, questions, ups and downs, and everything in between.

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Is Satan’s Daughter Worth Saving?

Being forced to fulfill a promise long forgotten, Art Legend is sent to another world as a reborn immortal; however he’s supposed to be a hero for Samantha, the spawn of Satan. He finds himself killed over and over again, but shows that even the bad guys can do good every so often, even if he has to do it alone. Readers will find themselves enraptured in the thrilling action between the pages of author Tobi Yaza’s “How I Saved Satan’s Daughter in Another World”.

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Hourglass: Measuring more than just time…

Hourglass Socioeconomics Principles and Fundamentals outlines the structural framework of a feasible and a thought-out social economic distribution system. Because an entity or nation’s success and continued progress relies on it’s economic input-to-output system, author Blaine Stewart presents a way that facilitates both social and economic growth while minimizing the effects of negative external influence. Economic growth without social sustainability is malignant and can result similarly to growth from radiation exposure. Growth of the social without a sustainable economy is to plant crop in nutrient rich soil without the means to optimize the output. Hourglass is the combination and equal and equitable balance of the two.

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Stringing words to paint a picture

Love makes the world go round. But sometimes it can be ambiguous. Translating feelings that are usually unclear, puzzling, cryptic and overwhelming—especially those that are bottled up inside—is not always easy. But William Shakespeare’s sonnets have inspired a hopeless romantic and prompted her to put the words that have been bottled up inside onto the paper.

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Chaos or Paralysis

Most of us will live long enough to downsize and will also be or know an estate executor. Both are jobs we never really sign up for but find on our plate nonetheless. And most of us have little or no experience going in- and neither do our friends or family.

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When what is seen is not always what it seems…

No matter how old people get, there’s always that child lying in wait inside of them. A child that’s waiting to play, yearning for love, and waiting to grow.

Celeste is a grown-up. She is a mother of three girls, a wife to a good husband, and a friend to select women surrounding her. She seems to have her life in order, including the good and the bad, the ups and the downs.

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Law Enforcement: Service That's Nine-to-Five...and More

There is something about a man (or a woman) in uniform. There should be something—and more. Besides looking grand and distinguished in it, the wearer should embody what the uniform requires: upholding honor, justice, and respect for humanity, among others.

True, the uniform could bring respect to the wearer at first sight. Maybe even a hint of fear. It could also bring quite a lot of perks as some people or institutions would always give way to people in uniform.

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The Many Ways and Stories of the Pilgrim

The cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain, is where the remains of Saint James the Great is housed, according to tradition. And so people from all over the globe, followers of Saint James or not, have embarked on the expedition to experience being in the same place as the saint. Some are there for religious reasons, others for personal causes. And in that alone, the stories already abound.

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Pen and Paper

Discovering one’s self is probably one of the hardest things to do. Not a lot of people are actually comfortable with their own selves. And there are a lot of people who are not allowed to be comfortable with their own selves.

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