It Was Going to Be an Awesome Father-Son Adventure

Until it suddenly turned into a nightmare.

Peter, a ten-year-old city boy, was going on his first fishing trip with his father, a true outdoorsman. He was having a great time as his father taught him about the Peter and his father both noticed that the birds and animals were acting funny.

Suddenly a large earthquake struck the area uprooting trees and showering each othering them with broken branches as the trees smashed into each other. Peter huddled by a rock as he prayed that his father was alright. Suddenly the only noise was the waterfall. Peter started calling and searching for his father. He found him pinned by a tree.

In this twist of fate, Peter was left to get his father medical help and to save them from the jaws of a hungry injured wolf. He had to use the knowledge he had from books to do it.

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About the Author

Sharron Lee always said she was an only child in a family of five. She was sixteen to twenty-three years younger than her brothers and sisters. Because of this she spent a lot of time on her own. She learned to read at an early age and spend many hours cuddling on the couch with her dog reading biographies, classics, mysteries, and adventures. She even worked in her high school library repairing books and reading whole sections of it.

She hopes that she can introduce some child to the joy of reading like she experienced in her lifetime.

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