Company in Misery

When life’s waves get rough, we’re not alone on the boat

 Life can throw a mean sucker punch and can hit you squarely in the face. And just like a fighter on the boxing ring, you shake it off and hit back, hard—really hard. But sometimes, all you hit is air. And sometimes, even when you’re down, life would also give you a wicked kick to the ribs.

What this means is that whenever you go through something hard, sometimes doubly hard, throwing a punch—literally—at life is not going to solve things. Fighting fire with fire could only end in more trouble. And bottling your grief inside will not help you either.

Know that there are people who are feeling the same way that you do—sometimes being dealt with way worse cards than you. And it helps to connect and share the misery over words.

Born in Hell, Forged in the Fire, Prosper in the Warmth is a book of words coming from the deepest pit of one’s misery. While it is not a book of solutions to problems, it aims to let people know they are not alone in their anguish, their grief. That there could still be good things to bloom out of one’s gloom.

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About the Author

Author Larry Miller knows a thing or two about facing hardships, having had his fair share of bouts with life. From personal conflicts to being displaced thirty-three times in just over twenty years, and adapting to life in the smallest town of Georgia then on to Native American lands, and then further on to facing harsh winters of North Dakota. Not to mention having to face two major accidents. He could have every reason to lash out at life but chose his pen and paper and put down the words into a beautiful book of poems.

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