The Fortunes of War

POV of a POW

Nobody ever wins in a war. Not the instigators, not the defender, certainly not the civilians. There were lives lost. There were lives that were never the same afterwards. And then there were also those that lived to tell the hell of the atrocities of the war, they lived and witnessed it inside the enemy camp. They were the prisoners of war.

Peter William Sooby was a prisoner of war. But before that, he was part of a reconnaissance unit that had a mission in Cologne, Germany. He was captured by the German Army. And in the enemy’s turf, he documented the atrocities he endured.

A War Time Log: Diary of a Prisoner of War is a record of the suffering of a soldier. He was kept in terrible conditions and was rarely fed. He was made to march hundreds of miles between camps, among other “punishments.” He wrote them all, even he could be caught keeping a diary, and even though it could cost him his life. And when they thought it was over, could have handed his diary over to the US Army. But he held on to it.

The war was never really over. It damaged the person that he was in all sense. He weighed just a little over eighty pounds when left the prison camp. And although he never talked about the war, back at home, when he was awake, it was a different story at night when he slept (or barely). The nightmares were recurring. And although the trauma lived with him for the rest of his life, he never let it affect his life as a father, a grandfather, over all a great man who pursued his passions. He may not be around anymore to share his experiences, but his chronicles will be told to anyone who wants to know what it was like to be a POW.

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About the Author

Doreen Sooby-Lampone is the daughter of Peter William Sooby. She was born four years after World War II. She and her brother were never told of their father’s time in the war, or in the prisoner camp (not until his later years). But his diary somehow explained everything to them. Peter William Sooby died on December 24, 1988, a Christmas Eve, at age seventy-two. Doreen shares her father’s experiences during those difficult times by publishing his diary.

Doreen lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She has three sons that learned about their grandfather’s life through this diary as well.

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