Is Blood Thicker Than Water?

When one is made to choose between his brother and a weapon.

Cedric and Caedus, twins, were born in a world filled with action, adventure, suspense, and mystery. They were sons of the champion of the king, whose primary duty was to fight prisoners in the kings’ kingdom. The kingdom has four kings of equal standing. And they have their own champions to fight the prisoners who challenge for their freedom. Only these prisoners defeat a king’s champion would they be able to be free. And so that became a main event in the kingdom. The boys’ father was a celebrated fighter.

But one fight their father didn’t see coming was with a dark man that came into their home one fateful night. The dark man, a self-proclaimed dark lord, took the boys’ father’s life. And also took one of the boys—Cedric—with him, leaving Caedus behind. They sought hard for answers, until the trail went cold. Even the kingdom of Cresthill gave up on the investigation.

About ten years since the murder of their father and the abduction of Cedric, the latter returned, this time as a disciple of the dark lord who kidnapped him. Caedus learned Cedric was in search of the lightning blade, an ancient weapon of power. With Cedric being converted to the dark side, Caedus knew he couldn’t let the lightning blade land in his twin brother’s hands. He must find it first. But would he be able to fight his own twin? Would he be able to win his twin back?

Heirs of the Champion: The Well of Magic (Book 1) tells the beginning of Caedus’s quest in learning what happened that night of their father’s death. Join him as he solves the mystery of Cedric’s conversion to the dark side, and would he be able to bring Cedric back to light?

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About the Author

American author M. G. King has always been an ardent reader. He is fond of stories set in make-believe world with lots and lots of adventures. He has enjoyed works of author Robert Jordan and Timothy Zahn. He has long wanted to create his very own fictional world involving fantasy and where his characters undergo numerous escapades. He has lived in New Jersey most of his life.

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