Maxi Chooses His Own Adventures

And keeping the kingdoms safe

Maxi is starting a new life with his own family. His wife, Goldie, has just given birth to their son. But this does not stop him from picking up his sword again, ready to defend his kingdom, and also the neighboring kingdoms that were his friends’.

Somebody is threatening the peace and unity in the land. And the forest kingdom has sought the help of Maxi—as he is known to defeat the enemies who harm their land. And Maxi will not just sit by and let it pass.

But Maxi does not do it alone. While he knows he can defeat the enemy, he is not scared to ask for help. He travels a long way to seek for the help of the queen of the giants. She lends him soldiers to help with the fight.

Maxi then goes to the kingdom of King John, Goldie’s father. He also asked the king for a number of soldiers to add to his army—which King John provided.

Then he goes to the forest kingdom to gather the animal warriors that would fight with him and teach a lesson to whoever it is that dares to disturb their peace. May it be another dragon or the former king of Ventura, who could not accept that he has been dethroned.

Join Maxi as he wins over his enemies, with the help of his old friends—and win even more new friends in Maxi Travels Again.

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About the Author

Author Mary Smith arrived in Canada in 1968. She has always had the penchant for the arts, having always been interested in oil paintings, sculpturing, and writing short poems. She believes in constant learning and thus after completing her GED postsecondary skills, she continued to earn three more diplomas and many college course certificates and attended numerous self-improvement workshops.

She has been learning while working. Between 1998 and 2006, she was connected with Boeing/McDonnell Douglas CAW Adjustment Centre and Labour Action Centre, placing displaced workers and newcomers to Canada. And in 2006 to 2007, she was with Canadian Hearing Society as job developer for the deaf and hard of hearing people. She had also taken care of her mother from 1998 to 2018.

In 2007, however, she became critically ill and unable to go to work. But being always active, she needed to find something to keep her occupied. In 2019, though, while decluttering, she came across a fifteen-page story she wrote on a 5x7 notepad. And this became Maxi’s Travels. And she followed it up with Maxi Travels Again.

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