Something Special for Someone Special

Little Ellie Isabellie Elephant is always up for an adventure. And when her daddy told her they would be going on one, Little Ellie Isabellie Elephant couldn’t hold back her excitement. She especially loves adventures with her dad. She couldn't wait for the day to begin. As the day of adventure finally arrived, Little Ellie Isabellie Elephant’s eyes and nose were introduced to something wonderful. The colors and the smell—they were new for Little Ellie Isabellie Elephant. And they were glorious. And in that moment, a special bond was formed between Little Ellie Isabellie Elephant and her daddy. In this adventure, her daddy showed her how loved she is and how important she is to him. Her daddy gave Little Ellie Isabellie Elephant a special surprise that she would cherish all her life.

Little Ellie Isabellie Elephant: A Flower From Daddy is the latest adventure of our dear Little Ellie Isabellie Elephant. Join her and her daddy in discovering new things that make the world beautiful.

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About the Author

Author Tracy Hartley is a wife, a mom, a mother-in-law, and a grandmom. She is married to a great man named Bill, with whom she share two sons­—one of whom is married to a great woman, and they are parents to Tracy and Bill’s first grandchild. Tracy and Bill’s utmost delight is seeing their granddaughter grow into a healthy, beautiful, and strong young girl after overcoming obstacles she had since birth. As a woman of strong faith and who loves the Lord, Tracy’s inspiration of bravery, strength, and hope is her little granddaughter.

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