Once You Step Out of Your Home and See the World

You will never come home the same again

Much is said about home being where the heart is, but before all that, a home is where a child learns the most basic things to get by in life. And when the child steps out of the home to see the world, the child would see and experience change.

The Manifesto of an Aboriginal Descendant of North American Indigenous People is a collection of poetry showcasing the life of a person covering all the aspects of his existence, his principles, and his beliefs. His journey involved battling struggles of socioeconomic and political concerns attached to his status being an immigrant along with facing acculturation and assimilation when he finds himself in another land. He puts into poetry the difficulties in being repatriated and then leaving his country of birth again for safety. The poetry book illustrates further the importance of unity and love in growing up and growing old in peace in a place one can call home. Only through those can one feel the sense of belongingness, without conditions, without barrier, and without holding back.

The poems offer words of encouragement and inspiration for people in the same path of searching for their own identity and searching for a better version of themselves.

This book is available online and can be purchased at www.writersrepublic.com, www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com.

About the Author

Author Jesus Angel Carrera was born a Mestizo in Mexico, in a small village called Xochipala in the state of Guerrero. The village was originally a Nahuatl-speaking community that has evolved into largely Spanish-speaking area. In 1995, he fled toward the United States in hopes of fulfilling his American dream and escaping the poverty and corruption happening in his hometown. He was brought back to his country of origin until he was able to legally reenter United States as an asylum seeker. He took up ethnic studies in college and still is on continued learning to improve his writing skills.

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