People Who Live in Glass Houses

Also have closets

And these closets may contain the things you do not want seen but do not want to throw away. Much like old clothes—and deeper, darker secrets. And when the need to open the door of the closet, for something you essentially need, the hidden things rear their sometimes ugly heads and look right through you, reminding you once more of their grotesqueness.

But maybe it will do you good to let these demons roam around the glass house. Sometimes, all you need to do is look right back at it and never back down. Not even when they let out the most guttural, haunting moans.

Ghosts and Other Vital Organs is a revisit to one’s mausoleum of nightmares and confronting the monsters within. Facing one’s monsters head-on can actually save one’s life, and a reminder that sometimes the scariest things lie within us, and are vital to our survival.

The horrors of your past can help shape your future. And revisiting them would remind you not to commit the same errors.

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About the Author

Author Vincent Hollow is a poetic poltergeist rearranging his hauntings and nightmares into tales of verse and pose. Living in a stained glass window, he sees his monsters in various colors. This gives him strength to battle with the monsters cloaked in shadows, creeping in at dusk.

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