As She Rises Out of the Ashes

Author shares her life through inspiring poetry

She has lived a wonderful life and the best way to honor the creator and director of her life is through her poetic prowess. Author Lajuana Craft Ryckeley opens up her life through the verses in “Word from God: Rising out of the Ashes”.

This poetry book is a compilation of the author’s life arising from her deepest memories and heartfelt moments through the experiences she has lived. Her poems are about all her loves, struggles as a mother and a wife, and even about just enjoying all the things that God has given her to see and feel. She has made lemonade with her life and she wanted to share with others all the ups and downs that have gone into making her what she has become today. She has grown very close to her Heavenly Father through each step. She hopes her poems will be an inspiration to all who read the words of her life.

The poetry she has written has much variety and style. Many of the poems she writes come from heartfelt memories and reflections of the best that came out of her life.

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About the Author

A small log house was Lajuana Craft Ryckeley’s first home in Taylorsville, Mississippi. Her parents were farmers, but when the crop failed, they moved to Mobile, Alabama, where her dad worked as a millwright with International Paper Company. She has been truly blessed in her life by a mother who spent hours reading and singing to her. She instilled the love of poetry into her soul. In addition to her love of poetry, she considers many of her poems to be God-given because He wakes her up in the middle of the night with poems and songs. Her husband, Wiley, also encourages her to enter poems into contests.

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