Her Struggles Became Her Strength to Help Others

Author opens up her heart to share about her life and let others understand that they can get through anything like she did

How can a person get over anything when all her life, all she knew were struggles? How can she trust men when growing up, most of the adults she knew abused her? How can she find hope when even the psychologist she was seeing since she was a child could not even help her? It may seem impossible and others may think that her life is going down the drain; at one time, yes it had been, but she finally found the strength to fight. And in her new memoir, “My Fight for Survival”, author Misty Long bares it all.

She didn’t had it easy. It was difficult for the author to grow up with an absentee mother and a father who sold drugs. She found strength from her older brothers. But when her mother took them away from their father, she didn’t realize that her happiness to be with her mother would mean living with a perverted stepfather who would abuse her mentally and sexually. It wasn’t only her stepdad who would sexually abuse her. When she was ten years old and was left at the house of her mother’s friend, the friend’s husband babysat her. But instead of being a good guardian, he gave her a bikini, asked her to join him watch a pornographic movie, and touched her indecently while tucking her in bed. And as she grew up through adolescence, her struggles continue, and her psychologist seemed not to hear her real cries and woes, until one day, she found herself waking up inside a jail. When will her fight for survival ever end?

Surviving life is a challenge, but when people throw more their way than they can take, that’s just a whole other ball game. And the author shares how she did it, so she can let others see that they can also get through these obstacles.

The book is available online and can be purchased at www.writersrepublic.com, www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com

About the Author

Misty Long yearned to be a therapist of some sort to help those who experience the struggles in life like she had. She wants to reach people on a personal level. She wants to help people understand that they can get through anything.

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