When many are called but few are chosen…

They must answer God's call

Many people avoid the religious and the spiritual talk because most of the time, they do not have any idea about God and God's plans for each and every individual.

Sins abound in the world since time immemorial. And because of that, the people are told to repent to receive God’s forgiveness, God’s graciousness, God’s salvation, and the promise of eternal life.

While people busily go about in their worldly existence, they must not forget that there should also be preparation for the spiritual existence. Most people do not believe that the life after this earthly existence is even more important. That is because most people lack the knowledge about the spiritual life—about God.

Before anyone can receive salvation, one must be enlightened—spiritually enlightened.

Christ’s Second Coming: A Message for the Church explains why we must be saved, and it contains messages of enlightenment. Because only when a person understands God, then and only then will he or she be able to be enlightened…and be saved.

This divine book uses prophetic language from the Holy Scriptures and brings to light the invisible power of spirits. It educates the readers about the spiritual roots of man and ways their life is impacted daily—both positively and negatively by various angels and demons.

The book is also a call to repentance, and contains messages of hope and instructions to the born-again believers. God has plans for the world, each nation, and each person.

This book is available online and can be purchased at www.writersrepublic.com, www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com and www.prophetaustinphillips.com.

About the Author

Author Austin Phillips is one of the few who are chosen to deliver God’s message to the church and to the people. This book the first in a series of books on prophecy concerning the end-times. The series would contain God’s instructions, sent through the Holy Spirit through dreams, visions, and revelations. The author is to transcribe the messages and deliver them to God’s churches and people.

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