The "Crescendo" of Their Love Story

A couple struggles to keep their romance a secret; but their own kept secrets may just be their doom 

Can their love handle the darkness, or will their pasts render them better off alone? Will their secrets be their downfall? Readers will find out as they follow the lovers in author Rhiannon Kay’s riveting romance “Crescendo”. Sometimes, life doesn’t pan out the way people want them to be. But oftentimes, it’s the path that leads them to where they are supposed to be.

Chloe had plans. Big ones, at that. Her dream of getting into Julliard was shattered when she was rejected last year. Now, she’s at UCLA’s music composing program, where she feels she’s on the right track. Chloe is a piano prodigy and music is her life. And that goal does not include love or anything remotely close to it. Not even if it comes in the form of her insanely sexy literature TA, Jesse.

Jesse also had plans. He’s a grad student in Creative Writing at UCLA and has big dreams of becoming a best-selling author. His plan also doesn’t involve love or anything resembling a relationship.

What starts as innocent flirting leads to a serious relationship, one that must be kept secret if Jesse hopes to stay in his program. It isn’t long before they fall deeply for each other, but not even love can conceal what neither of them are willing to admit. They both have dark pasts. Now the hard work starts when they share their secrets.

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About the Author

Rhiannon Kay has been telling stories since she could talk. Writing became a major part of her life when she could put pen to paper. From writing short stories in elementary schools to her first novel in high school and numerous essays and stories in her undergrad program. She is a University of Idaho graduate with degrees in English - Creative Writing, Journalism, and Broadcasting. She also has a MFA in Screenwriting. She loves to read, binge watch TV shows, “Game of Thrones” and “Alice in Wonderland” obsessed, riding horses and chilling with her husband, dog and friends.

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