So Much to Enjoy and Love in Summer

New picture book shares the fun and wonderful activities that children, friends and families do during summertime

From author Kahalia Solano-Johnson and illustrator Harshshikha comes a vibrant and colorful children’s book that parents and guardians can share with their young ones. “Why I Love Summer” offers the little ones a glimpse of what makes summer fun, exciting and memorable. The children will find the story easily relatable and would even give them new ideas of how to spend their summers.

In this ten-page children’s book filled with colorful images, young readers will follow a story narrated by a little girl who loves the summertime. It features why the girl loves summer and how she enjoys it, which includes her sharing stories about camp time, family time, and other fun-loving summer activities that all children can identify with.

The book’s purpose is to get children engaged with books and reading by creating a book with a familiar identifiable topic. Through this story, children can envision themselves in the pages and think about the things they love about the beloved season. “Why I Love Summer” is meant for children of all ages and all backgrounds.

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About the Author

Kahalia Solano-Johnson is from New York City and currently resides in the Miami, FL area with her husband and daughter Summer Rae. She is a law student in the graduating class of 2021. As a future attorney, she hopes to use the law as a tool for change to inspire and spread goodness in the world. Her love for creative writing started as a child and was developed when she studied Print and Broadcast Journalism at Penn State University. She is an advocate of childhood education and entered the realm of children’s books after seeing how much her toddler daughter Summer Rae loved reading time. She hopes that her children’s books’ imagery fosters diversity & inclusion and creates a space where all little girls and boys immerse themselves in her stories by concurrently harnessing the power of their own imagination and finding the joy in reading books.

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