Her Life’s Work Viewed through a Speculum

New book offers real-life stories of how a woman spent her work life for women, mothers and babies with her ob-gyn career

Devoting her work life to help and assist other women in their pregnancies, delivery + postpartum stages. Rikki was to be able to spend a lifetime doing what she found rewarding. In author Judy Warrenton’s book, “View through a Speculum”, readers will follow a nurse’s thirty-seven year ob-gyn career starting with labor and delivery and then all the medical and emotional ups and downs of women's private lives as seen via working in a private practice, you will be nodding, smiling, laughing or even tearing up.

In this first published book by this author, she shares the story of how she evolved in the 1960s from being just a homemaker into becoming a licensed practical nurse who worked for five years in labor and delivery and another thirty-two in a busy ob-gyn practice. There are some sad stories and some hilarious stores. It offers a window into the humanity of both doctors and nurses, and their contribution to a better life for mothers and babies.

Readers will get to see and hear another side of the ob-gyn practice. This time, it’s through the eyes of someone who helps the doctors, supports fellow nurses and helps patients from all colors and walks of life.

This book is only available as an eBook and can be purchased at www.writersrepublic.com.

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