When what is seen is not always what it seems…

The answer is always inside of you

No matter how old people get, there’s always that child lying in wait inside of them. A child that’s waiting to play, yearning for love, and waiting to grow.

Celeste is a grown-up. She is a mother of three girls, a wife to a good husband, and a friend to select women surrounding her. She seems to have her life in order, including the good and the bad, the ups and the downs.

Just a few days short of getting to thirty-five, she feels she is in a good place in life where her complaints consists of dealing with, so far, failed potty training—and some weird things going on with her daily chores.

Until fate throws her a curveball. Her “mother” dies, she ends up with a black cat, and she learns her life is a total lie. Her mother is not really her mother, the black cat is a total mystery, and her “mother” is actually her grandmother.

She uncovers who she truly is with the help of the cat, and all of a sudden, the weird things going on are not weird anymore. She discovers she possesses supernatural powers she inherited from her parents, who have long since passed protecting her.

She thinks back to her younger self and abruptly feels like a little girl longing for her family, for her identity. And when she learns who she is and how powerful she can be, she is determined to protect her husband and her children from whoever it is who's trying to get her and her powers.

Celeste: Feathers, White Roses, and Sunflowers is a journey of a grown-up woman who must go back to her roots to find her truths and save her heritage while keeping her family safe from harm.

This book is available online and can be purchased at www.writersrepublic.com, www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com.

About the Author

Author Penelope Moon has always been fascinated with stories of the supernatural and is drawn to TV shows of the same genre. However, as an adult, she finds that most of the supernatural stories she has encountered have young characters. These stories ending with kids, teenagers, and young adults as protagonists leave Penelope wondering how life would have been for these young protagonists as they grew older, with their powers still in them.

Not finding much more about her favorite characters as adults, she lets her imagination run wild and comes up with the adventures of older characters with supernatural powers. This book is for people like her who are fascinated with the supernatural even into their adulthood.

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