Stringing words to paint a picture

Or evoke emotions, touch the soul

Love makes the world go round. But sometimes it can be ambiguous. Translating feelings that are usually unclear, puzzling, cryptic and overwhelming—especially those that are bottled up inside—is not always easy. But William Shakespeare’s sonnets have inspired a hopeless romantic and prompted her to put the words that have been bottled up inside onto the paper.

Love You True is a collection of seventy-five short poems to inspire readers that they may be able to share these same feelings or express their own toward another person deserving to hear these words of devotion. These may just make their day, make them feel better, or bask in the feelings of love and passion.

The author dug deep the words that express passion and love—words that give meaning to life. Words that can give purpose. Words that can make a difference. Words brought about by feelings of true love.

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About the Author

Author Carol Urena believes the words have always been there, from the earliest book of the Bible to the classics of Shakespeare. These were some of her influences in stringing words together to paint a picture, evoke emotions, create art. But for her, the most beautiful piece of stringed words are those that were dictated by the strongest feeling that ever exists: true love.

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