Chaos or Paralysis

The fear of one too often results in the other in downsizing or estate settlement.

Most of us will live long enough to downsize and will also be or know an estate executor. Both are jobs we never really sign up for but find on our plate nonetheless. And most of us have little or no experience going in- and neither do our friends or family.

Moving and estate settlement are two of the most stressful events in our lives. Both can leave our family relationships strained or worse, and our physical and mental health ravaged. Many families endure lifetime wounds as a result.

Avoiding Chaos can help. The book covers eight conversations to consider for a rewarding downsizing and estate settlement. Built on over forty years of various experiences of guiding clients and their families in both. The points to contemplate include considering options available, looking out for concerns that could come up in the future, and how to get to the best decisions for you.

This book is available online and can be purchased at, and

About the Author

Author Barry Gordon is the partner and CEO of Gordon’s Downsizing & Estate Services Limited, Brokerage, and a founder of MaxSold. His over forty years of experience as advisors to thousands of clients regarding real estate and trimming down on possessions for financial and logistical freedom.

Being a Certified Executor Advisor, Certified Transition and Relocation Specialist, Certified Estate Specialist, REALTOR®, and Certified Personal Property Appraiser, plus his experience in these fields, he is a is a much sought-after speaker, panelist and educator on various topics related to downsizing, senior transition, estate settlement and auctions. He has spoken to industry groups in over 25 states and 5 provinces in North America.

He co-wrote and taught Certified Estate Specialist, the first ever course developed in the area of estate transitions.

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