Is Satan’s Daughter Worth Saving?

Author weaves an exciting action-packed fiction that follows the hero’s adventures in another world

Being forced to fulfill a promise long forgotten, Art Legend is sent to another world as a reborn immortal; however he’s supposed to be a hero for Samantha, the spawn of Satan. He finds himself killed over and over again, but shows that even the bad guys can do good every so often, even if he has to do it alone. Readers will find themselves enraptured in the thrilling action between the pages of author Tobi Yaza’s “How I Saved Satan’s Daughter in Another World”.

Art Legend, a man who has been baptized twice in his existence, once when he was alive in the holy waters in a church to a religion he has completely abandoned. And second, out of the flaming pits of Hell as the fire burns around him, yet doesn’t seem to ever kill him. Art realizes that Hell itself looked nothing like it was described by the holy text. While there are demons able to fly, many demons and humans choose to get around by driving around in cars. There are various shops opened but aesthetically unpleasing. While the people surrounding him look like normal human beings wearing everyday clothing, majority have horns on their heads, and some had bat-like wings and even arrow-tipped tails.

When he finally meets Lord Satan for the first time, he feels quite intimidated as he towers over him with his 25 feet height and his bizarre appearance. But what would stun him more is what the Devil is about to tell and show him. Readers will find out what Satan intends for Art to do in this exciting read.

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About the Author

Always being able to make up a story out of nowhere to tell at a young age, Tobi Yaza got somewhat of an informal training where his skills were put to test by writing fan fiction during his senior year in high school, but he has bigger ambitions of creating something original for all to enjoy and inspire many to come.

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