It Takes a Village

And this village is named Red Bank

The proverb with African origin states, “It takes a village to raise a child,” meaning everyone in the community must interact with the children for these children to feel and grow secure, healthy, and whole.

So it also means everyone in the village or community contributes to the influences the children get exposed to while they are growing up. These influences may not necessarily be the “good” ones all the time. So long as there are lessons to be learned.

A little girl looks back on her life growing up in a small town called Red Bank. And while she could tell all about how she turned out as an adult with her village as the background, she chose to bring to the fore her village and the people in it.

There were a lot of children that grew up in her village. And although the proverb may have implied only the adults’ impact on a child, the other children’s behavior and upbringing also contribute greatly to each of their growth.

Growing Up Red Bank tells stories of simpler times when, in the little girl’s “village,” the only designation of the children was, well, children. No color, race, or place of origin. They ate the same snacks, drank the same drink, and barged into houses with no problems. The parents treated each child that came into their homes like their own. One’s grandparents were everyone’s grandparents, and the police still gave kids a ride around town as a treat, not for being arrested.

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About the Author

Author Lisa Noel remembers her growing-up years in Red Bank, New Jersey. Her village was more than just a small town, more than just landmarks. The people there had names and stories to tell that resonated with the little girl up until she grew to womanhood.

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