Sprinkle: Celebrate, Meditate, and Understand Our Drinkle

Author: Paal Piir


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Sprinkle is a poem of poems, just like how a sprinkle is full of unique sprinkles. Here are new discoveries about what is Existence and Spirit and Awareness, preciously and slowly made understandable without resorting to belief or guessing. This does not make religion and science obsolete because they have unique purposes and provide many cool tools. Sprinkle helps clarify how and why their tools and toys work. Philosophers and others have long postulated that our real practical underlying truths are utterly simple. Oh yes! We are always close to knowing these new discoveries but strange as it seems have been unable to look directly and fully. Sprinkle warmly and playfully presents this knowledge full, direct and making sense while on a tour of our serious and goofy world. We are certainly responsible for ourselves but we don’t have to feel bad about our ignorance. We can learn and become happier.

How did I come to Know? At four, I stopped asking others ‘why’ because their answers seemed meant to shut me up moreso than to lovingly educate. Instead, seeking any truths, I asked myself something silly and intuitive, ‘Why why?’ Immediately and shockingly I transcended. I did not have an answer but it felt promising. Pleasant enough was being in freeflow Know, my first meditation ecstasy! Then at 22, while studying Native American philosophy, I just had to go on a journey. Just had to! But I could not leave and I had stopped doing drugs years earlier. So I did it unsufferingly from my easy chair, closed my eyes, and meditated on what could be my spirit guide. I asked and let it go and went into freeflow Know and soon met White Otter. According to the books, this translated as playful wisdom. I laughed because I had no clue what it meant. But I found out in a lifetime of intense study and play in all philosophies and sciences and lots of looking. Fifty years later, I have wonderful playful wisdom to share with you. You do not need a background in philosophy or anything else, just honest willingness to look. This is just like your original adventure of coming to Know as a fresh Love One. I have made it easy and exciting to experience, and oh so fun!

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Pages: 148 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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