The Age of Villains - The New Dawn

Author: James Johnson


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The age of villains is about Gods of the universe giving the entire world super powers / blessings to amuse themselves. Good people bad people you name it. But instead of using their powers to help people most will abuse the power in real life. This is a battle of good and evil, but at its full capacity. Rather its money or power the decision is completely up to you. You see in this story you can set your own limits it’s basically on you. The world is vast and deeper than meets the eye. Magic, war, dragons etc. Will you be a hero or will you be a villain the decision is up to you.

Hey, there so the reason I wrote the book is because of a group of friends and I were talking and this very conversation came up (what if we had super powers) and we got so deep into the discussion. That’s I decided to write about it. I tried my best to make it where everyone would enjoy it. If you really think about it most people wouldn’t use their powers for good. How many times have we seen villains lose even when they have the upper hand? Im just telling a story from a different perspective. I look forward writing more for you in the future.

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Black & White

Pages: 86 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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