Salt and Sugar

Author: Reina Patricia Cardona


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Salt and Sugar will give you a new perspective about families. We’re all use to hearing the happy endings in families, but my story tells you differently. In my book, you’ll read about the emotional, physical, and sexual abuse my siblings and I endured during our childhood. In our childhood, our parents’ love was manipulative. We believed their love for us was genuine, but looks can be very deceiving. Just how salt and sugar can look very similar, but are completely different. In life, we are told to be careful who we trust, because not everything is what it appears to be. We must look beyond the surface levels.

Reina Patricia Cardona is a 19 year old, passionate writer from Montevideo, Minnesota. She graduated from Montevideo High School in 2023. Since then, she has pursued her career in writing. She writes about the trauma she endured, toxic relationships, and grief. Her first book, Salt and Sugar, explains very well about her life experiences. Her biggest goal is to let her readers know they are not alone in their darkest moments. All she wants in life is to write freely and help heal others through words she needed to hear as well.

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Pages: 54 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Poetry

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