How to Raise Kids so Others Like Them

Author: Gay Allen Farnworth


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In a delightful format, the formula for raising children so others like them is presented. You will; enjoy the humor and the information.. Try these life skills and you can be a ‘Happy Camper’. This picture -perfect formula is for all ages and kids!

Gay taught kindergarten and first grade for thirty four years. She felt it necessary to write a book on how to raise kids so others liked them. She observed how little children act in public, her kindergarten children and her grandchildren. It took years of thinking about how to present the skills needed to raise children in a book form. It was when she was in the intensive care unit for sepsis and her life was hanging by a thread that she knew why she had survived. She needed to write and share her thoughts on how to raise children, so that others like them. These skills need to be taught to all mothers, fathers, and grandparents.

Gay is the mother of three daughters, eleven grandchildren, and five greatgrandchildren. It is difficult for her to watch that these skills are not being taught. She hopes the parents of her great grandchildren will read this book and know that they need to be the parents of her wonderful great grandchildren. She wants to share these valuable skills with both great grandparents, grandparents, parents, and children. You will find this book delightful!

She has lived most of her life in Centerville, Utah and loves the peaceful area and the people.

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