The Yther Chronicles - Book 1 Search For The Jester King

Author: Ellwyn Hayslip IV


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A mysterious tablecloth becomes a portal to adventures beyond imagining, transporting three ordinary teenagers into Yther, the dimension of living dreams. Joining forces with fantastic fantasy creatures and acquiring incredible powers, Abby, Cayla, and Matt must travel through many wondrous realms in the chimeric dream world, confronting and battling terrifying nightmare monsters in their quest to defeat an evil wizard and restore power to Yther’s true king, who lies trapped in slumber at an unknown location. The quest will take all their courage, resourcefulness, and imagination, and the fate of all of Yther, and perhaps their own world as well, hangs in the balance.

My name is Ellwyn Hayslip IV. I am a Taurus, my birthstone is a diamond, and my favorite colors are wisteria and fluorescent orange. When I’m not writing, I am usually at my volunteer job as a custodian and classroom reader at my local elementary school. My hobbies other than writing include reading, baking, watching 90s cartoons, playing the pan pipes, and making art out of recycled plastic. I live in a small town in NH with my mom, Sally, and our two pets, Dylan the cat and Beaky V the parakeet. I am also an accomplished Oneirographer, or dream scribe, with a collection of 745 of my own dreams as of this statement. I plan to turn the first 500 into a series of novels.

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Black & White

Pages: 254 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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