The Art of Creating with Succulents

Author: Mariana Córdova


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"Look deep into nature, and then

you will understand everything better."

- Albert Einstein



With this quote, the author encourages us throughout the book to contemplate nature (in this case, with succulents as protagonists) to reveal what inspires us and access that creative potential that struggles to find expression.

The Art of Creating with Succulents has that vocation. Connect with the Earth, make us feel its essence. Succulents are a perfect example of that invincible vitality that animates existence and ourselves in it. The art of designing with these beautiful plants can take the form of a myriad of gardening projects, with a great range of decorative possibilities. These plants have earned a privileged place in this century, revolutionizing modern gardening. In this book, among experiences, projects, botanical techniques, and anecdotes, the author provides a passionate and detailed guide on growing succulents to get closer to Mother Nature, and along the way, our spirit.

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Pages: 200 | Trim Size: 8.5x11

Genre: Nature

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