Blood Oasis

Author: E. J. Mackey


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A robed Tiefling and her young Gargoyle show up from the shadows

and picked a fight In the territory of a Powerful Ruling Circle of Forest

Druids and Humanoids, but she changes everything.... They had never

seen someone so calm, so determined, she was hell bent on bringing

them down. A walking disaster just appeared into their midst and they

didn’t realize.

My love for reading novels, manga, and webtoons was the catalyst behind

my writing. One of my best friends asked me if I think I could write my

own story and I pondered on that question for 48 hours. Something

sparked in me and the next thing I know I found myself day in and day

out writing a devilishly delightful tail… This story has made me very

proud, I created the world and its characters, the places and environments

all from one thought process. The world is magical and mysterious. The

characters are tenacious yet treacherous. One wrong move and it could

be your last move… It’s going to be dangerous it’s going to be harsh and

in this world ‘The Weak Get Eaten’ Blood Oasis…

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Black & White

Pages: 182 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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