Witches Of The Wolf Moon

Author: Garnet Moon


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This book is about a family of witches that goes back for hundreds of years. The main

character in this book is a witch named Eliza. Eliza lives in a small village in Ireland

with her family. On her sixteenth birthday, she learns that not only is she a witch but the

strongest witch in her family. During this time, she learns of her birthright to protect

Hecate’s most prized creatures, the werewolves. As the story progresses, Eliza learns she

must not only protect the people of Ireland, but also the werewolves from harm.

In the end, she not only becomes more powerful but learns more hidden truths in her

past. She must decide what is more important, protecting the people of Ireland or the

blessed werewolves.

Garnet Moon, the author, has been an earth witch for twenty

years and a mother of seven. She is married to an amazing man

for five years. She loves nothing more than to write. She enjoys

gardening and walking in the woods to listen to nature. The

book Witches of the Wolf Moon is one of five books created

from the depths of her mind and soul. It is everything she wants

and knows the craft (witchcraft) world to be. Writing the book

has been a dream come true, and she hopes that whoever reads

it loves it as much as she does.

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Black & White

Pages: 118 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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