Restless Thoughts: Through Time and Words

Author: Kailash Darji


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This collection contains the poems I have written and compiled for a few

years now. It has all sorts of poems that are not bound to any one specific

theme or topic only. All the “restless thoughts” I have experienced

that make me ponder about anything and everything have been tailored

and fashioned into poems and are here. As a fellow human bound in this

mortal realm to exist and experience the trifles of life, all the things that

have made me question reality itself are here. The feelings we all have

toward society, people, friends, work, family, seasons, oceans, mountains,

sky, strangers on the street, things we observe, things we react to, and

much more can be found in this collection.

Born out of my inevitable necessity to express the things I have experienced

to avoid restless thoughts keeping me sleepless, this humble collection

touches on so many things we all can relate to.

Kailash Darji was born in 1993 in Nepal. Being born

in South Asia, which is very famous for its cultural and

ethnic diversities enveloped by the mighty Himalayas,

he is fluent in Nepali, English, and some Hindi as well.

Having been very curious and creative since his childhood

days, Kailash has had deep impacts from books,

paintings, music, and movies. Since he likes to paint

himself sometimes, the same artistic force can be seen

in his writings too. His poetry is all over the place filled

with many different emotions, different scenarios, and different questions

that we all can relate to. Beauty, agony, ecstasy, nature, cosmos, God,

people, society, friendships, and so much more can be explored in his

poetries. This collection is a lens to see the world through his eyes and

experience his journey through time.

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Pages: 294 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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