Once a Retailer, Always a Retailer: Excuse Me, Not For Me!!!



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Retailing is a very colorful industry. Very flashy!! This book covers the History of Retailing and Corporate University that will lead you to the training and professional development of a well-established retail organization. Life in the Buying Office comes to grips with Retail Management as well as the importance of Customer Service. Providing excellent customer service is a culture that each retailer must embrace.

I was able to snuggle the qualities of being a good retailer. I know what goes appropriately with what!! The professional development of the New York City retailing is always enormous because most of their corporate headquarters are in the metropolis. There's always opportunities to grow and learn with the fast paced environment. The fashion district is on the seventh avenue in Manhattan. Everyone is there and you need to be aggressive in

all aspects of doing business with these vendors and account executives. It is definitely a different ball game in New York City as compared to the other metropolises in the country.

I feel bittersweet about this industry because it is such a competitive career. If there's a felt need to kill each other, we will kill each other for the sake of promotion. I learned a lot from them especially when it comes to time management and conflict resolution. I became very aggressive too and very colorful when it comes to dealing with different kinds of people from different walks of life.  

Dr. Emily Capati Gaddi had been a long time resident of Palos Verdes Peninsula in California. She is a graduate of Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Education and Psychology's doctoral program where she majored in organizational leadership. Dr. Gaddi obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines major in Philosophy. She obtained her Master of Arts in Management from the University of Redlands, California. Dr. Gaddi's mother wanted her to become a medical doctor because her mom's brother and sister as well as their respective spouses were one of the first Filipino doctors. They were able to migrate to New York and Wisconsin in the late 1950s when medical practice was very lucrative to all doctors across the board, they were one of them. Dr. Gaddi was not destined to become a medical doctor. Be that as it may, she is still destined to have the title doctor. That's why God blessed her with this academic degree and she is very happy and proud about it. Once a Retailer, Always a Retailer... Excuse Me, Not For Me!!!! This book is about a brief history of retailing, how it started; the advantages and disadvantages of traditional retailing and online retailing. It is about the buying office and retail management and how they do business with their respective vendors.

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