Living Free: The things I overcame (even the church)!

Author: Rev. David Nunley Jr.


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This book focuses on the life of a young man who went through major church hurt after he was born and raised as a protégé of a church. That young man is me, Rev. David Nunley Jr. This book is designed not only to share my story, but also to help the church to realize that we are causing more damage than we are doing good. Also, the book is designed to help those that have experienced church hurt be able to look past the people and see the Lord. The Lord is bigger than it all. Prayerfully, this book will bring people from both spectrums to a point of repentance. Our focus should be on God and him alone.

The author, Rev. David Nunley Jr., was born on June 18, 1981, to a mother that would become the president of the church usher board and a choir member. Because of this, church became his life. From the age of eleven, maybe twelve years old, the author was preaching but without a license. He was well-known as a church boy and have always known that there was a great calling on his life. He got saved and accepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior at a young age and became a licensed and ordained minister at the age of twenty-one. He was evangelizing before he knew what an evangelist was. He never knew that he would experience the things that he did in his life. Although David faced issues in his teen years, he wasn't ready for what his adult years would bring. Although, he graduated college, and held great positions in his profession, and had a family for a short time, life truly happened to him. He experienced jail, drug addiction, slight prostitution, promiscuous homosexuality, and more. Some of these activities took place during his church life, but most of these activities took place once he decided to leave church. However, God had a divine plan that would not let him stay in the situations that he was in. Here he is now thirty-nine years old-a new author, active father to an outstanding young man (David Nunley III), and preacher. He is living a free life and loving God even more. God knew that he will get the glory out of his life. His life is an open book, and he shares it with the world so that others may be healed. Praise God for all things.

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