Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Author: J. Antionette


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Jaimeson and Josette have been best friends for the better part of most of their lives. But life changes and people change and these two grow up to live their lives. Jaimeson, like most men becomes the party boy player, while Josette is on a more straight laced road. But after sixteen years these two cross paths and become inseparable again. But while life is consistently throwing them curve balls they’re facing it together. That is until the big curve hits, someone is catching feelings. Now they must determine if their friendship is worth the risk, or are they both too toxic.

J. Antionette was born and raised in the city of Meridian, Mississippi. She grew up reading books most of her life from Babysitter’s Club, to Goosebumps, to more advanced books. She first got interested in writing when she was eight years old, and started out with writing small children like books, to comic books. Putting her imagination and ideas to paper. As she read more advanced books, her writing skills grew along with her imagination. Movies, television and her two sons as well helped broaden her horizons, as far as ideas, thoughts and what really caught the world’s attention. The idea for Loves Me, Loves Me Not came to her in multiple dreams, and from different points of views in her dream, like watching a movie in her sleep. Some things in the book also came from live experiences with male friends. This book is very unique and truly from J. Antionette’s soul.

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Black & White

Pages: 224 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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