Gifts of Heaven

Author: Sean Budryk


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This book was written in the early months of 2022. Proceeding my first baptism I fasted for 2-3 days in hopes for a change in my life. I wrote the majority of this book dedicated to my new found faith in Jesus and in an attempt to connect with our maker deeper than ever before. I hope it inspires you to seek God and take steps towards His gracious salvation.

My name is Sean. Growing up in suburban Massachusetts I had always had an inclination towards the more imaginative and spiritual aspects of life alongside my various hobbies and interests in sports and music. As a kid I enjoyed spending a lot of time playing pretend games and essentially creating my own little world, whether it was racing bikes around the neighborhood, swimming in the pool fighting off monsters, or building fortresses made of sticks and logs in the woods. I had grown accustom to create realities that were unseen to the eyes which to this day have helped me become more adaptable and creative person. Outside of my own mind I always knew I believed in something bigger than myself, it was just matter of when I would actually find it. Fast forward (quite dramatically) to the year of late 2021 and I was introduced to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible by a close Christian friend. I battled with doubt and questioned if it really could be the truth, but time after time there were coincidences and visitations from the Spirit that lead me to a stronger faith unraveling a whole new life. It has been quite a process of change and transformation that has been rather unique yet challenging, but I would not trade anything for the Glory of our creator.

Deepening my faith and spreading His glory through art forms such as music and poetry, I hope to bring more awareness and praise to the Gospels of Christ, hopefully even forming new believers!

God is absolutely real and He loves you so much. As much as I’d like to go on about myself there is really not much to say outside of the fact that I am merely a human living this human experience trying to follow the footsteps of my maker while doing the best I can to contribute to the world like the rest of us. Creation is a huge part of my life and I will continue down the paths of being a writer and musician in the most righteous and bold ways possible. If this book resonates with your soul it is probably because you have always felt something deeper is in store for you, so I hope you rediscover and reach a higher the ultimate source of power to get it!

Glory be to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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Genre: Poetry

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