China's First Transgender: The Life and Times of Zhang Kesha

Author: Bruce Eastley


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At a very young age, Zhang Kesha could not relate to being a boy, having a preference for girls with their dolls as playmates. As he grew older, his clothing and appearances drew unwelcome attention, but the taunts and criticism failed to dampen his quest to attain full fledge womanhood. In 1983, he became she, but difficulties and dangers seemed to multiply. Seeking refuge in a number of locations, Kesha finally found her peace and tranquility with a new marriage and a full life in Sacramento, California.

In his early years taking pride of being an “army brat”, Bruce Eastley would call Germany, Japan and multiple locations in America as home. When his father retired from the army in 1954, the family settled into Sacramento and Bruce found it to his liking and moved no more. But the travel bug remained firmly entrenched and he concentrated most of his travels to Asia. Seeking a new mate, Bruce found what he was looking for in Hong Kong, and taking a mutual liking to one another, he and Kesha were married in 2005. It wasn’t until 2022 that Kesha, now known as Sasha, informed him of her true identity, but he accepted it with little difficulty. By embarking on writing her life story, he felt as if he was writing a novel. But Sasha’s tumultuous times early on is all but forgotten and her life as a California resident has been a successful new beginning.

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Genre: Biography

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