You’ll Know it When you See it - A True Story

Author: Nathaniel Frisby


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These are poems that connect and flow as a story to create one of the greatest love stories known to man. A journey to discover what Love truly is alongside my truth. This is

A true love story.

 This story is a timeline in which I went through a season of thinking I knew what love was, to actually discover what Love is. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly, through the tears, and heartache even the smiles, learning love and having love is all I ever wanted, and through it all, it’s what I got.

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The Journey: To Love & Be Loved

This whole book was a journey of self-discovery, God, and romance. At the start, he was smitten by love, only to be grappling with his own feelings of potential rejection, reciprocity, self-love, faith, and idolatry. He truly bared his soul on the pages showcasing what it's like for a man to confess his true feelings when he's been scarred and the cause for many heartbreaks in his past. Does that man qualify for love? Does he have the right to be loved? Or is the right only reserved for God? He takes the reader on a journey from infatuation to revelation, faith, growth, despair, and a lot of self-reflection. What may appear as love could really be something else entirely, yet his courage to peel back the layers of bravado and express his journey was awe-inspiring. Love's no easy feat, but it's well worth the journey. Well done, Nate. Well done.

by Namir

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Genre: Romance

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