Author: D. R. Piper


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Henry has not had it easy, to say the least. He didn’t go to college, he works at a McDonald’s, and he’s not exactly a supermodel. However, there is one person in his life that at least makes it somewhat bearable, and that’s his coworker and crush, Kendra. However, even that doesn’t last as, after he finally takes the plunge and asks her out, she reveals that she already has a boyfriend. After this, Henry starts hearing strange and increasingly aggressive knocks at his door at night. Little does Henry know that this will take him down a road he never thought he could take. And, the darkest corners of his fragile psyche will finally be brought to light.

I was born on October 12, 2000, and from the moment I could walk, I’d always been interested in the dark, mysterious, and unconventional, even when it would give me horrifying nightmares. I can only theorise about why that is; maybe the taboo nature of such subjects--especially in African-American households--attracted me in the same way candy would attract an infant who’d been denied it. Maybe the idea of there being a world beyond the mundane one we all live in containing creatures and acts far beyond our very imaginations is comforting in a way. After all, people and their many follies don’t bother you when you’re more concerned about greater and more terrible forces.

Regardless, this passion has followed me my entire life. And, now I’m grateful that I get the chance to use it productively. Because, I’m not only interested in the macabre, but I’m also interested in how people learn. And, I’ve found that people learn lessons and morals best when they’re shocked into learning them. And, what better way to shock people into learning than with horror?

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Pages: 54 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Fiction

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