The Sinner

Author: Kurieous Williams


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The Sinner is a book following the style of the Ten Commandments but with a twist. It is about a person’s personal struggles she’s openly admitting. The book is far from anything biblical. Each chapter represents a struggle she is dealing with, with a combination of venting and repenting. We all have skeletons in our closet that we are ashamed to let out. The Sinner talks about the regret, mistakes, and choices an individual make while finding life.

I wrote The Sinner hoping to encourage people to be themselves regardless of what the world may think. This world is a sinful world, and no one is better than the next person. We often are afraid to be ourselves because of the past we're running away from, but that's okay. The Sinner talks about how I struggle with life and how I try to justify my actions. We all are sinners once in our lifetime. It's just human nature.

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Pages: 48

Genre: Fiction


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