Have You Seen Me?

Author: Arthur Foster


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Have You Seen Me? is about a series of events that tell the story of the living Christ Jesus himself. He spoke to many of His apostles, the town villager’s, passersby, etc. about where He is. Jesus came to man spirit indwelt physical, He left his world physical man indwelling all man by the spirit, to this day, many look for outward evidence of Christ. And where his return will be, his return is within all man as he told his disciples, which he has shown himself many times. But no one knew who he was not even his own disciples, because they were looking for outward evidence [i.e. Mary saw Jesus as a gardener, Peter saw Jesus as a traveler]. When Jesus spoke to them by the spirit, they recognize who He was. In His many different manifested images, where He was, and where His appearance to man would be. Inside of them and Man like.

As He had spoken to them many of times and told them that they would not understand until the spirit makes it known to them.

This book is a compilation of the new testament books. They speaks to its readers the scriptures where they are in their relationship with God through Jesus. This book is short but the essence of the message is broad and deep to open up a release in you that will talk to you from where you are in your present time and day with God, through His word.


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Pages: 71 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Religion

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