You Know You are a Karen: Laugh at the one you know

Author: Darlegne


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Karens are nothing new. The Three Sieves is a Tale possibly told by Socrates. Giving a Karen advise on truth, kindness, and usefulness. Which all Karen disregard jumping to conclusions, overreact. In this short story, “You Know You are a Karen” you will be able to laugh with your friends and share your Karen stories.

Darlegne is the type of person who takes a stressful situation and turns it into a comedy skit. About a year ago, she had another encounter with a Karen. Darlegne stomped her way inside, grabbed a pen and notepad. Saying she was so tired of Karens. Then proceeded to jot down her short to the point satire.

When she had finished her draft, she gave the book to a person she had just met. Watching her reaction as she read. This person started with minuscule laugh. Which turned into a strong laugh with tears. Just the response she had hoped for.

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Pages: 28 | Trim Size: 4x6

Genre: Humorous

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