How Spirituality Saved My Life

Author: Diana Costas


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Growing up I always knew I was different but I didn’t know why. A

lifetime of sadness and trauma. Fortunate to have been baptized in

2017 at Faith Church CT. This is a guide on healing naturally from

trauma with Nature’s Remedies and the word of God. There is power

in prayer and healing naturally has been a blessing I am happy to

share knowledge.

I never knew about my father’s murder, it took

me 35 years to handle one version of the loss

of my father to find out the truth in February

2021. Five years later I decided to change my

life for the sake of my children’s future and my

beloved father’s memory. In doing so I began

to study many religions, essential oils, crystals

and chakra meditation, the brain and the body.

I believe I am now able to help others. It’s an

honor to share my story of healing naturally.

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