Properties of a Beating Heart

Author: Leila Harper


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Sam would describe himself as any awkward and ordinary teenager simply trying to finish high school and get on with life. His tame (ie, boring) lifestyle and dilemmas over post-graduation skid to a halt when he meets Samuel. A strange, but unassuming boy with sarcastic wit and a taste for the more exciting side of life.
As their friendship blooms from a lunchtime arrangement into something more, Sam starts to remember what he’d been missing from life: actually enjoying it. However, their passions are put to the test when Samuel’s secrets become unveiled.
Love conquers all, right?

Leila Harper is a high school Senior, a self-proclaimed writer, a passionate reader, and an emotional enthusiast. An adept typist and storyteller, her years of being an overachiever with creative writing assignments have cultivated her proficiently wry voice. She was accepted into a pre-college writing program at California College of the Arts for a collection of short stories she’d written. A Californian herself, she envelopes herself in words and her Border Collie’s affection. Properties of a Beating Heart is her first novel.

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Pages: 262 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Fiction

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