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The book “TEN” is just one version of what heaven may be. It is the story of two men who died in a car accident, and both go the heaven. Upon arrival in heaven, they are separated by the level that they qualify for. The levels in heaven that range from 4 to 9. Ten is God and is the highest level in heaven. Once you arrive in heaven you are assigned tasks to be performed on earth that upon completion will raise you to level 9. Once you reach 9, you will see the face of God and will reside in His light for eternity.

This book is about one of the men and his missions on earth and finally a duel with the son of Satan and Satan himself.

I write usually from a dream or my imagination. I enjoy writing and I hope my work will bring pleasure to my readers. In this particular book ‘TEN”, my intentions are to give my readers a possible version of Heaven, obviously none of us know what heaven in really like. I believe it is whatever it may be to you. Please enjoy the book, it has a few twists and I have tried to keep the words simple so that younger people could read it, understand it and enjoy it.

Thank you for reading “TEN” and remember, TEN is in you.


Don Sparks

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Pages: 166 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Religion

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