Led Astray - The Wisdom of Truth

Author: Dio Santos


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“You only have one life to live, make the best of it.”

That statement is partly true. The truth is you have two lives. One is mortal here on earth and the other is immortality in the spirit. Everyone will receive judgment after death according to their mortal lives . The righteous will receive eternal life in God’s heaven and the evil will receive condemnation in hell. You have two lives but only one soul . One of life’s mysteries is human beings are pawns in an ongoing battle between principalities for prize of your soul. Earth is the battlefield. 

Satan controls the Roman Catholic Church and holds captive the innocent souls of over 1.3 Billion people. The Roman Catholic Church is a false satanic institutions religion hiding behind a mask of Christianity.

This book is a rescue guide for salvation of lost souls who have been blindly captured by the falsehoods of Roman Catholic Church. The truth shall set you free.


DIO SANTOS attended CFNI-Christ of Nations in Dallas,Tx and he’s a Non- Denominational Pentecostal Chaplain Member of Ministerio de Capellania Internacional.

The Chaplaincy growing field of public ministry and soul care that engages all faith traditions, cultures and aspects of life.Dio Santos is an Evangelical Music Writer (Gospel Music) Anointed by God Ministries International. This is the first published book inspired

by the Holy Spirit. If you are up for mystery and people making the most of their final moments and the choices, they make. Naturally the stories include the best on the words of God and worst of the human experience living by the Pope, so we have conspiracies, murder, mayhem, rape and revenge. On his Professional life is on Aviation field over decades and leading consultant management. His consulting firm, Alpha & Omega Aviation Plus LLC it’s help to publisher this book.

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Alpha & Omega Aviation Plus.

3715 Winchester Rd.

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Pages: 220 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Religion

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