Turning The World Right Side Up

Author: Apostle Willie J. Aaron, JR.


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In the book of Acts the apostles began to preach after Jesus’ ascension the gospel of the Kingdom. This is the same gospel Jesus preached and great miracles were written with this type of preaching. One could speculate and it is obvious we are not seeing the mighty works of Jesus or the apostles today because we have deviated from preaching the gospel of the Kingdom. Today, there are all types of preaching: the gospel of grace, the gospel of prosperity, the gospel of healing but no obvious power. Acts 17:6 says these men (the apostles) have turned this world upside down. Why, because they preached the gospel of the Kingdom. If we return to preaching and teaching the Kingdom message, we will turn this world right side up. The power will return, the anointing will return, the glory of God will return, and we will see mighty works of God happening in all nations. We will witness in this day the apostles and prophets’ band together, Jews and Gentiles band together, spiritual gifts in operation like never seen before. This is the day that the army of the Lord is seen marching forth shattering the spiritual walls of religion and apostasy. God is saying to those that have ears to hear, take another look into the spirit realm, take another look into the supernatural and great and mysterious things will be revealed.

Apostle Aaron is determined to take this Kingdom message to the nations. His desire is to see God restore the signs, wonders and miracles and for them to come to fruition now. God wants to see His Son glorified in you. Apostle Aaron has been preaching and teaching for about thirty years. His passion is to evangelize the nations and impact people with the gospel of the Kingdom. He loves outreach and street ministry. His television broadcast is aired weekly, Reaping the End Time Harvest and his street ministry which is called Taking it to the Streets. He is the President of New Life in Christ Outreach Ministry and he overseers a few ministries in the area. He is driven by passion, by love, by purpose and faith. He believes God!

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