Security-Essentials : In a World Gone Mad

Author: Richard V. Barnett


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One of the core responsibilities of any emergency preparedness situation is to just simply survive, to put the pieces of your life back together and move on, Unfortunately, many of us today are not prepared for the dangers that could occur at a moment’s notice. Today we are living in a world where families are no longer safe in their neighborhoods, children are no longer safe at schools, churches, airports, grocery stores and other public places are now prime targets for gun violence and mass shootings. Our city infrastructures and water sources are compromised, the growing food shortage around the world will no doubt cause the average man to do the unthinkable just to provide for his family. With the threat of a nuclear war, and rising gas prices, would make anyone believe that we are truly living in a world gone mad, Security Essentials not only address some of these issues, but let you know how to survive, put your life back together, and move on.

Richard V. Barnett is also the author of The Case for Israel and The Rising of the Israelites. His current book Security Essential In a world gone mad takes a deeper look at the current security threats that are shaping our world today in crisis situations, and how we respond in an emergency for survival. His background as former military, private investigations, and working in the security and emergency management industry, serves as a vital contribution to writing this book. Richard V. Barnett resides in the suburbs of Washington, DC.

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Genre: Religion

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