The Presence, presents, of God in The Cell

Author: Taahir


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The book points out the lacuna in all religion: The peoples’ ignorance of original text of Scripture and Reliance on academically unconcerned, unlearned, clergy.
The book introduces The authority of The Arabic and Aramaic languages and the ease with which these languages can be learned.
This book intends to strike a difference between books - the writings of men and Scripture – The Narration(s) of God.

Several years ago this writer watched a movie written and produced by Actor/Film Director Mel Gibson titled, 'Passion of The Christ'. The entire film was done in the Aramaic language; some of the actors learned Aramaic for the film.

I felt that if an Actor can learn a language to perform in a film, certainly I can learn a language to perform my Faith. No one mentioned in The Bible spoke Greek, Latin or English, nor was it originally written in those languages. The Bible was TRANSLATED into the languages we read it in today.

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